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Please give us notice of any allergies or dietaries in advance.

In our kitchen we work with products like miso, soy sauce, katsuobushi, homemade stock and others. Therefor we cannot guarantee alternatives for all the produce. Please contact us when in doubt.

For reservations for a party of 7 to 10, you can best contact us by phone or mail.

Terrace seats can only be reserved the day itself.

0493 44 76

H O L I D AY  2022-23

Wed 8.03 - Tue 14.03 - open on Wed 15.03 (dinner)

Saturday 8th of April 2023

Wed 17.05 - Tue 23.05 - open on Wed 24.05 (dinner)

Wed 19.07 - Tue 08.08 - open on Wed 09.08

Wed 11.10 - Tue 17.10 - open on Wed 18.10 (dinner)

Wed 01.11 - Holiday

Sat 23.12 - Thu 04.01.24 - open on Fri 05.01 (dinner)


during these lunches our evening menu will be served

4th of March 2023

13th of May 2023 

15th of July 2023

7th of October 2023 

Please give us notice in advance of any allergies or dietary preferences (no meat, vegetarian etc) so we can prepare the right alternatives in our menu.

We serve a fixed menu. An example menu u can find on our website.

In case there are any doubts u can always contact us by telephone or e-mail. 

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