in general

We look forward seating you and serving our menu. 
We serve only one menu, without izakaya options. You only have to sit, eat, drink, repeat. 

Please give us notice of any allergies or dietaries in advance, so we can find a suitable and alternative produce if needed.

Please contact us when in doubt.


Wednesday | Thursday | Friday 

kitchen hours 12h - 14h


Example menu lunch

39 € / 59 €

Bok choy, doenjang

Leek, sunflower seeds


Seabass, mushroom, black raddish

* North sea squid, apple, black shallot

* Scallop, kohlrabi, Jerusalem artichoke, coffee kombucha


Homemade sourdough bread


Tartare of cow tongue, razor clams

* Cauliflower, cauliflower kimchi, oyster

Portobello mushroom, egg yolk haddock


Mackerel, kale, chickenwing-garum, onion


Holstein bavette, palm cabbage, celeriac


Apple, brown butter, Jerusalem artichoke


Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday 
kitchen hours 19h - 21h


Example menu dinner

 69 €

Pork cheek

Duck breast fillet

Bokchoy, doenjang

Leek, sunflower seeds


North Sea squid, green apple, black shallot


Seabass, mushroom

*Scallop, Jerusalem artichoke, coffee kombucha 


Cauliflower, cauliflower kimchi, oyster

Portobello, whey, haddock

Smoked mussel, parsley and kombu, pancake


Homemade sourdough bread


Mackerel, kale, chicken wing-garum, onion

Red Beetroot, koji, scallop-corail, swiss chard


Hay aged wild duck, sechuan, radicchio and quince


Apple, brown butter, jerusalem artichoke, malt

Sesame ice-cream, miso caramel

natural wine suggestions

5 glasses 45€

6 glasses 55 €

7 glasses 65 €

We take in account allergies are dietaries noticed up front.

If not the case, we'd be obliged to ask for a supplement for the alternatives given.