in general

We look forward seating you and serving our menu. 
We serve only one menu, without izakaya options. You only have to sit, eat, drink, repeat. 

Please give us notice of any allergies or dietaries in advance, so we can find a suitable and alternative produce if needed.

Please contact us when in doubt.


Wednesday | Thursday | Friday 

kitchen hours 12h - 14h


Example menu lunch

35 € / 45 €


Paksoi, doenjang

Radish, sunflower seeds

*  Shiso, seabass


Miso-Holstein tartar, razor clams, scallop

*Springonion-pancake, parsley

Coeur de boeuf tomato


Mackerel, white turnip


Duck, shallot

red chicory, pumkinseed and green chili


Sherry, hibiscus, shiso


Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday 
kitchen hours 19h - 21h


Example menu dinner

 62 €


Pork cheek and duck fillet



Paksoi, doenjang

Radish, sunflower seeds

Shiso, ling


yellow zucchini, egg yolk, squid butter

Monkfish, green tomato, lovage

Springonion-pancake, smoked herring eggs, parsley



Mackerel, turnip, smoked mussel emulsion

Hake, black garlic, fermented mushroom


Koji aged porkneck

Pointed cabbage, white currant & cockles

Homemade sourdough bread, doenjang, pork leg


Smoked cucumber, almond, lemon verbena 

Cherry, hibiscus, shiso